NORMA ZAMBRANO- Founder and CEO of Total Natural Fitness studio. Certified: Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids, Strong by Zumba, Plate by Zumba, CPR/First Aid

My mission in life is to bring out the best in people.  My passion to help people improve physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, is the reason why I’m constantly looking to connect with organizations that can serve as resources for our students. I’m very involved in the community and serve in non-for-profit organizations whose mission is to transform lives and help them become self-sustainable.
For me, the most rewarding accomplishment is to see some of our students become certified as instructors, grow and embrace the studio’s mission. There’s nothing like creating a happy and enjoyable environment for everyone who visits our studio or becomes part of our team!
CARI BERMUDEZ    Certified: MixxedFit, SHiNE, Strong by Zumba, CPR/First Aid
Ms. Cari Bermudez has been teaching Dance & Fitness across Chicagoland for over 15 years. Six corners- Portage Park is where she first began teaching at age 18!  Being a skilled and passionate dancer, with over five years of Columbia College Chicago education she was able to grow in many more traditional techniques and styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, West    African, Pilates and World Latin.
Cari specializes in Street Hip Hop classes & Choreography for Special Events like Quinceañeras, Weddings and Sweet 16’s.  She has also been teaching Zumba Fitness for 7 years.  She is CPR & First Aid Certified.  Her other certifications include MixxedFit, Strong by ZUMBA & SHiNE Fitness. She recently won “Best Fitness Instructor in Chicago” at The Fitness Expo in their “Wow the Crowd” Competition!

As a mother of two girls, Carissa (10) and Isabella (7), she makes it a daily goal to inspire her daughters and students through the expression of movement.  Her dream is to have her own studio.

2 things to expect from her Fitness classes:
– You will sweat by the third song!
– Every track/routine is to a different Latin/International genre working a specific body part

CLARYBELLE CAMACHO   Certified: MixxedFit CPR/First Aid
Clarybelle was born and raised in Chicago.  She’s currently working on a degree in the Art of Acting and Creative Writing.  When she’s not in school, she’s social-dancing with her Total Fitness Family or working out!  She’s always loved sports and has learned most of her “spice” from her mother who was a professional Salsa Instructor in the community.
For 3 years, Clarybelle has committed to taking different workout classes in an effort to learn and give her own students a great experience.  She recently became a Certified MixxedFit Instructor and can’t wait to bring this form of dance to her class.  She’s CPR and First Aid Certified and currently teaches Cardio Tone Up, where students use free weights and focus on certain muscle groups.  She wants her students to set goals, to see results, push themselves and feel confident about who they are. Clarybelle truly believes in a healthy mind, body, and soul and her motto is “Dance like nobody’s watching”.

EDITH ORTIZ   Certified: Zumba, Zumba Toning, MixxedFit, CPR/First Aid

On October 2010 I took my first Zumba class and was so hooked that I decided to get certified as a Zumba Instructor in 2012. Before Zumba I never knew working out could be so much fun, sometimes I forget I’m even exercising! I take pride in teaching high-energy classes with a variety of music so that all students at every level can enjoy and get the most from their workout. And best of all you don’t have to know how to dance, just let your body move to the beat of the music. So come join me and get into shape, release some stress and work your mind. I promise you’ll have a great time!

ERIN JANISH   Certified: Zumba, CPR/First Aid

I love to dance, and I love to work out! There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment after a great workout. and nothing better than that sassy feeling you get after some serious moves on the dance floor. My ideal Zumba moves are a great combo of the two, and will leave you feeling strong, empowered, fabulous, and sexy. In my class, you can expect a fun workout that gets you nice and sweaty and will definitely make you smile. Expect a good dose of Cumbia, some fun EuroPop, lots of hip shaking, and always the chance to let you mix it up and do your own thing! Sharing an exercise class with students gives me the chance to spread positive energy and inspire self confidence. I encourage every individual in my class to look in the mirror, give it all you got, and say “I am so fabulous!”

JAMILETH (JAMI) HERNANDEZ   Certified: Zumba, CPR/First Aid
Jamileth is a self-taught dancer who started dancing at 3 years old.  She specializes in teaching Latin Dancing for Pre-Teens through Adults and everyone knows her favorite is Lady Style Bachata!  She also teaches Beginners Burlesque and is a ZIN Zumba Certified Instructor. She’s CPR and First Aid Certified.
Jamileth is always smiling.  Dancing has always been her escape and she truly feels that music connects people.  She wants you to experience her classes and make it your escape as well!  Her motto is to “leave your worries at the door, enjoy the music and move your body”.  If she notices a particular move may not be someone’s cup of tea, she will adjust and compromise with her students because she feels DANCING is for everyone!
She knows that when people learn to love music/dancing for what it truly is, no matter the genre, they learn to appreciate every instrument, every culture, and the world!
JENNIFER AREIZAGA    Certified: Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Zumba, MixxedFit, CPR/First Aid
Jennifer is a CPR and First Aid Zumba and MixxedFit Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.  She started teaching Zumba in 2014 because she thought it was a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time.  Dancing has always been a passion of hers and has had the opportunity to work with a few Chicago reggeaton artists as well as La India and Don Omar.
Her close friends would describe her as an energetic, happy-go-lucky person and always looking to help somebody.  Her students will experience a positive, fun and effective workout!
She’s on a quest to help people live healthier lives and feels that one of her purposes in life is to inspire others to choose kindness because she says “you never know what battles people are facing”.  A smile, a simple hello or landing a hand are her ways to spread love!
JOSHUA ZAMBRANO   Certified: MixxedFit, CPR/First Aid
Joshua has been exposed to the arts since he was very young. He was part of the second graduating class of ChiArts in Chicago and although he’s a passionate actor, he’s always made music and dancing a fun part of his life.  “I remember dancing ever since I was a wee little boy helping my mama clean the kitchen to salsa music”.
Joshua became MixxedFit certified in 2016 and has been part of Masterclasses and special workshops. “When it comes to my class, I want my students to come out feeling challenged by testing their physical and mental limits.  More than anything, I want to have a fun time, but I don’t want it to be too easy.  I love that teaching gives me the opportunity to meet new people and help push through whatever challenges may come that day.  Let’s go through it together!”  Joshua believes all forms of health can be improved through dedication and effort, and he wants to make his class a safe space where his students can test out their boundaries to improve their bodies and selves.
MARIBEL LOPEZ    Certified: Belly Dance, Latin Dance, CPR/First Aid
Maribel has been a Dance Instructor for over 20 years.  Although she loves empowering women and infusing them with confidence, her experience includes working with children, families, individuals, couples and youth counseling.  Dr. Lopez is passionate about the arts and in 2012, she launched her first album in spiritual music, “Eternamente Agradecida” (Eternally Grateful) and also published Volume 1 of a daily journal with devotional scriptures titled Eternally Grateful.  When you attend Maribel’s class you can expect to fall in love with a healthier you!

WALLY ZAMBRANO Certified: Meditation Specialist, Christian Life Coach, Breathwork Coach, CPR/First Aid

Wally while in college at the age of 24 began a personal spiritual journey that led him into the world of meditation. He was fascinated by the language of awareness and how thoughts affected not only
our beliefs but also our faith. It led him into a very intense meditation practice that transformed his life for years to come. Wally decided to form Christian Meditation Academy, an organization established to teach Christians that integrating mindfulness meditation with Biblical principles is a safe and highly effective tool for developing a strong spiritual walk with God. He spent years developing, while praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit on effective meditations and breathwork grounded on Biblical principles that would create spiritual renewal for those looking for deeper relationships with God.